Signing Up For the Food Pantry



Station 1 – Sign In For Registered Clients: If first time visitor, you will be guided through the registration and orientation by a volunteer. You will also be given an order sheet for meat and dairy products to complete. -Record your visit for the state to verify address and number in the household -Pick up milk coupons -Receive advice for signing up for SNAP
Station 2 You will be introduced to your assigned Shopper who will guide you through the shopping process
Station 3 -Select your meat, bonus frozen meat selections and dairy products. The meat items available depend on what has been donated for the day. 
Station 4 Select your fresh fruits and vegetable. The items available depend on what has been donated for the day. 
Station 5 -With the assistance of your assigned Shopper you will be able to choose from our selection of canned, packaged foods, staples, bread, paper products and personal items.
Station 6 -This station carries items that are not part of our regular inventory or for which the pantry is overstocked and are available for your selection. This section also includes bakery items and pet food. Bakery items available depend on what has been donated that day.
Station 7 The Cart Pushers will help you get your groceries to your car or the Jo Daviess Transit bus, as the case may be.


“This food pantry really does help people. And they’re very kind here. They don’t belittle you because you’re poor or going through hard times. They make you feel like you mean something that they understand what you’re going through and they want to help you in any way they can. And they’re very very kind”

Anonymous client